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Dr. Khalfayan

Dr. Khalfayan is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine who the region's professional athletes trust and rely on.

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"Dr. Khalfayan performed shoulder surgery after my first title defense. I have defended the title 3 times since the surgery with full training camps and no issues. Thanks Doc" 

- Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson, UFC Flyweight World Champion


"Dr. Khalfayan has been a tremendous help to me during my first four seasons in the NFL. Whether it was minor injuries that need proper diagnosis or a mid season surgery, I have always felt like he had my best interests in mind. He has always been extremely clear and concise in his findings and always set forward an efficient path to recovery. I truly appreciate the time he has devoted to getting me back healthy and I have had nothing but positive experiences with him."

- Luke Willson, NFL Tight End



"After injuring my knee, it became apparent that surgery was my only option if I ever wanted to get back on the playing field. My injury required a combination of procedures- an "OATS" procedure in addition to a micro fracture. Given my age and where I was in the stage of my playing career, the odds of me playing again were not in my favor. I knew that I had to chose a surgeon that was skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in this type of procedure in order to give me the best chance of playing again. That being said, I was very confident to put the remainder of my career into the trusted hands of Dr. Khalfayan. Albeit a difficult surgery, it was performed flawlessly. With the rehab schedule that Doc and his staff put me on- I was able to make a full recovery and get back to playing ahead of schedule. I think it is important to note that now that my playing career is over and I remain extremely active, I am able to do everything that I desire without hesitation or any lingering effects. I am forever grateful of the job that Dr. Khalfayan and his staff did for me. You da man Doc!"

-Willie Bloomquist, MLB Infielder




John Carlson NFL Tight End


"After injuring my shoulder in a training camp practice I discovered that my labrum was torn and my entire season was in jeopardy. A few weeks of rehabilitation were not enough to restore stability to my shoulder, and it was determined by our team doctor, Dr. Ed Khalfayan, that surgery was going to be the best option for the long-term health of my shoulder and for my career as an NFL tight end. Every doctor I consulted agreed with Dr. Khalfayan’s diagnosis and recommendation, so the next step for me was to choose a doctor that I was confident in to repair my shoulder. I consulted with teammates whose shoulders had been repaired by Dr. Khalfayan and I was very pleased with how successfully they were able to transition back to playing football in the NFL, so I chose Dr. Khalfayan to repair my labrum. Before surgery he explained the procedure to me very clearly, laid out the timeline for recovery, and thoroughly answered all of my questions. The surgery was a success and only days later I was already working on assisted range of motion. Our team athletic trainers did a fantastic job of progressing me through my rehabilitation, which they were able to do safely because Dr. Khalfayan monitored my recovery very closely and continually adjusted the parameters within which we were allowed to work. It has been over six months since my surgery and my shoulder feels fantastic. Thank you Dr. Khalfayan for repairing my shoulder so I can continue my football career!"

-John CarlsonNFL Tight End 


Michael Saunders Shoulder Surgery Testimonial


"I was nervous on the drive over, but soon came to realise that I was in good hands. Dr. Khalfayan made me feel very comfortable the minute I walked into his office, reassuring me that everything was going to be alright. I had my labrum surgery on my right shoulder in September 2008, and was back in action for the start of next season April 2009. Today (Sept. 1, 2012) I'm an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, and without Dr. Khalfayan's help I would have never been able to achieve my dream. A huge thanks to Dr. Khalfayan"







- Michael Saunders, MLB Outfielder





 24 years ago, I injured my knee during the long jump.  My injury was never diagnosed or repaired. I was always aware of the instability. I took up snowboarding in 2010. I felt my knee giveaway. I knew if I wanted to continue, I would need to have my knee repaired. A friend of mine recommended his hip doctor's colleague. He told me Dr. Khalfayan was a talented knee surgeon. I decided to look you up. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated. The Seahawks & Mariners team doc? Who was I kidding? I'm a middle aged, overweight woman. Certainly not a professional athlete. I felt like I would be wasting your time, like I didn't belong there. I'm so thankful I pushed the foolish thought aside. It was decided, ACL reconstruction was needed. I really appreciate your willingness to postpone my surgery until the following year, & fitting me with a brace. I had already purchased the next snowboarding season pass. 2012 I had my ACL reconstruction. I never wanted to undergo general anesthesia, & appreciate your support of my decision to be awake. The entire surgery staff were very friendly & helpful. It was pretty cool to hear your hip music choice in the operating room, it put a big smile on my face. I found it fascinating to watch my surgery. Thank you for explaining what your were seeing & why you were doing the things needed to be done. I followed your post operative instructions to a T. I had full extension from the start. Your referral to Engineered Sports Therapy was convenient & close to my home. Their staff was awesome & followed all of your instructions. You were able to release me back to my activities in the shortest estimated healing time you initially gave me. I now help coach the younger youth on our snowboarding team. I feel strong enough to lead these eager little athletes on our mountain explorations. Thank you Dr. Khalfayan! We are anxiously awaiting the snowfall at Stevens Pass, so we can shred the gnar!!

- Heidi M., ACL Patient






"Dr. Khalfayan has operated on both of my knees, has done a PRP injection for a hamstring strain, and has helped me with other injuries while I played with the Seahawks. He did a great job on my knees and I recovered faster than expected.  I was able to return to play two weeks after my hamstring strain and PRP injection.  It was obvious Dr. Khalfayan cared about helping me get the best treatment for my injuries.  Thanks, Ed."

-Lofa Tatupu, NFL Linebacker





"Dr. Khalfayan did an amazing job repairing my MCL back in 2010!!!
 I'm two years removed from the injury and I feel better than ever!!!"

-Red Bryant, NFL Defensive Lineman


Rick-Griffin.jpg"As Head Athletic Trainer of the Seattle Mariners I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ed Khalfayan for the last seven years. Not only is Dr. Khalfayan the Medical Director for the team, he is also our orthopedic surgeon who operates on both our major league and minor league players.

The players have a tremendous amount of trust in his surgical skills and his ability to communicate the expectations and outcomes of the surgery. This is one of his greatest strengths as he spends time explaining not only the surgery but also the rehabilitation requirements that go along with the surgery. Working on a daily basis with Dr. Khalfayan in the athletic training room and seeing first hand his skill in diagnosing injuries to the shoulder, elbow, and knee and relaying the information to the players is very comforting to me. An athletic trainer depends on a strong working relationship with his team physician as this builds confidence with the players so they know they are getting the best possible care.

Having been involved with the Seattle Mariners for close to 30 years I know the players are getting the best medical care in the major leagues and this is in large part due to the knowledge, dedication and skill as a surgeon of Dr. Ed Khalfayan."

-Rick Griffin, Head Athletic Trainer, Seattle Mariners





"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Ed Khalfayan on many different levels; as a friend, Seahawks Strength and Conditioning Coach, patient, and father of a patient.  Dr. Khalfayan operated on my oldest son and on me twice;  he did arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder and on my knee
Even though the necessity of needing an orthopedic surgeon is not pleasant, it was reassuring to know that Dr. Khalfayan was available to take care of our needs and the outcome was better than could be expected.  
 I have also had the privilege of working with Dr. Khalfayan in an athletic setting and I highly recommend him to anyone, professional athlete or not,  in need of an orthopedic surgeon.  I would unquestionably have him operate on me, a family member, friend, or any athlete, if needed."
-Mike Clark, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

stan_herring_lg.jpg"I have had the pleasure and privilege to work closely with Ed Khalfayan, MD, for over 15 years. We work side by side in the care of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners, as well as sharing in the treatment of many patients in our respective offices. Dr. Khalfayan is a talented and insightful orthopedic surgeon who consistently and unequivocally has his patients’ best interest at heart, whether their problem is operative or nonoperative. I have enjoyed our mutually cooperative efforts in trying to assure that every patient has the right treatment for their musculoskeletal injury or illness, and it has given me ample opportunity to see the excellent care provided by Dr. Khalfayan.

Dr. Khalfayan has a well-deserved reputation in the private practice community as an exceptional orthopedic surgeon. He is also highly-respected in my world of academic medicine at the University of Washington where we find him a valuable resource in the private sector. It is an honor and a delight to be able to call Dr. Khalfayan a friend and colleague."

-Stanley Herring, M.D.
Director of Sports, Spine and Orthopaedic Health for UW Medicine and co-medical director of the Seattle Sports Concussion Program 



"I have known Dr. Khalfayan for 15+ years as both a colleague with the Seattle Seahawks and as a patient.  I am a current NFL strength and conditioning coach and had a similar role with the Seattle Seahawks. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with numerous players that Dr. Khalfayan has operated on or treated.  My experience with these players has been very positive.  Athletes trust Dr. Khalfayan and so do I - Dr. Khalfayan operated on my shoulder and both of my knees.   He got me back to exercising and doing my job with our athletes very quickly.  I am very grateful to Dr. Khalfayan for the great job he did for me and for our football players.  Not only is he one of the best doctors in Seattle, he's one of the best in the NFL."

-Darren Krein, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Miami Dolphins





"People are always amazed to see how well I still get around after hearing that I had 9 surgeries during my 14 year NFL career. Part of the credit for that goes to Dr. Khalfayan. My body has responded great to all of the surgeries that he performed on me and he will always be my first call if I, or anyone I know, needs attention from an orthopedic doctor.

Thanks Dr. Khalfayan"

-Rob Tobeck, NFL Center







"I had two shoulder labrum repairs within 10 months of each other back in 2008. Dr. Khalfayan performed the second of the two. Not only did the work done by Dr. Khalfayan prove far less painful than my first labrum repair, it also proved more stable. Dr. Khalfayan also took the time to add waterproof seals over all my incisions. For anyone who has ever had to shower with a makeshift water seal over surgical incisions, you know just how valuable this was. On top of my shoulder, Dr. Khalfayan performed two surgeries on my elbow to clean out arthritic bone growths that had chipped off. Outside of the operating room, I found Ed to be unique in his communication skills. He spoke candidly about injuries, their potential long term effects and the probability of the realization of these effects. He always seemed to have an interest in my long-term well being."

-Patrick Kerney, NFL Defensive End



"I dislocated and fractured my shoulder when I dove for a ball in the outfield in 2008. Dr. Khalfayan operated on my shoulder repairing my torn labrum and fracture. I returned to playing professional baseball and haven’t had a problem with my shoulder since. It feels great! Dr. Khalfayan also did arthroscopic surgery on my knee when I tore my meniscus. He did an awesome job and I was back playing before I knew it. I fractured my hamate and had surgery on my hand with Dr. Khalfayan. All of my surgeries turned out better than I expected and I have been able to continue my pro baseball career thanks to Dr. Khalfayan. I think Dr. Khalfayan is one of the best sports medicine doctors in the country. I trust Dr. Khalfayan with all my injuries and tell all my teammates that I would have him operate on me no matter what team I’m playing for."

-Mike Morse. MLB outfielder



"In 2012 I was unable to throw a baseball without pain. Since the surgery I have been pain free and off any/all anti-inflammatories. 7 months post-op my arm is as strong as it has ever been. This whole experience has been a complete success with NO regrets. Thank you Dr. Khalfayan."

- Brendan Ryan, MLB shortstop


"Devan, Thank you and Dr. Khalfayan for your support with my son Nic.  He was drafted by the Kansas City Royals!  I know, for a fact, that it would not have been possible without Dr. Khalfayan operating on his shoulder.  His reputation and expertise as an arthroscopic surgeon were evident when the medical records were reviewed and 'key' in Nic's advancement as a healthy baseball player."

-Debbie A.


"I want to thank you for “rescuing” me.  Over many years I had adjusted to living in constant pain due to arthritis and numerous injuries.  I had very limited use of my right shoulder and arm.

Two surgeons told had me it wasn’t repairable due to the fact that I had old injuries, scar tissue, and my age.  So when you said it was fixable, I was in a state of shock and disbelief.

My pain level was greatly reduced immediately after the surgery and has continued to improve with therapy and time.

Here I am, one year post surgery, with full use of both shoulder and arm.

I’d like to thank you, Erin, Devan, and your office and surgical staff.  They have always been so helpful and caring.

It’s great to feel like a useful person again."

- Viola O.



Dr Khalfayan Slap Repair Testimonial

"For an aerialist, a tear of the shoulder labrum is often a career ending event. A shoulder can not simply be strong, it has to be perfectly stable. When a mountaineering accident left me with a severe type 3 SLAP tear I was faced with the fact that my career was likely over. 

My former orthopedic physician Dr. Stanley Herring referred me to Dr. Khalfayan for a SLAP repair. Dr. Khalfayan dove into this challenge with quite literally the finest surgical precision that I have experienced. His no nonsense deep care for making me whole was evident from the start.  Dr. Khalfayan is not a man of small talk, he is a man of miracles and results. The outcome of the surgery was phenomenal I was back training in 6 months and I now have exceeded the strength and flexibility of my pre-injuruy condition.

Two years later, my wife was diagnosed with a similar injury. We had no doubts who to go to. The day of the surgery Seattle received record snow fall, the city was shut down to minimal services. Knowing that we have a strict performance season, Dr. Khalfayan did not have a second thought about driving to Seattle. We were the only surgery that day, all other patients canceling. Beyond an ace surgeon, he is one of the most caring men I have met. 

My shoulders are life critical tools for myself and those who work with me.  When any member of The Cabiri faces an extreme orthopedic injury, I send them to Dr. Khalfayan.  I suspend my life on his handiwork every day and I can give no higher testimonial than my life."

~ John Murphy, Artistic Director, The Cabiri







"I still had pain in my shoulder with pitching after two previous surgeries.  After surgery with Dr. Khalfayan, I was  able return to pitching pain-free.  

Thanks, Dr. Khalfayan"

-Erik Bedard, MLB Pitcher


"I have recommended Dr. Khalfayan to many patients in Eastern Washington. My Rotator Cuff Surgery was by far easier and less stressful than any surgery I have had in the past. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes in the waiting room for an appointment. Never was there any question as to my therapy process and communication regarding my treatment was very well documented and explained. The 2 hour drive to Seattle from Yakima has been well worth it. Staff and assistants made me feel just as important as if I was the starting pitcher for the Mariners ... I'm still working on my Fastball.

Thank You Dr. Khalfayan and your Staff."



"Unfortunately having had multiple knee surgeries with other doctors my outlook and past experiences were not positive. Dr. Khalfayan and his staff provided a highly professional and great experience. Through the entire experience (Pre-op, post-op and recovery/rehab) Dr. Khalfayan took time to explain in detail the status of my knee and what I could expect. As a patient I felt he cared upon my concerns and desires to get back to a highly active lifestyle. He always made sure to provide time to make sure my concerns and questions were addressed. I would highly recommend Dr. Khalfayan."



"I have worked with Dr. Khalfayan for the past 7 years in a sports medicine setting, with the Seattle Seahawks. He is an outstanding physician! He is very thorough and does a great job explaining to each patient their condition so they understand exactly what their options are. I recently had a knee surgery myself and I had Dr. Khalfayan perform my surgery. I would highly reccommend Dr. Khalfayan."



"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Khalfayan on several occasions.  I am 55 years old and still play in rec hockey league.   I have had both of my shoulders operated on by Dr. Khalfayan.  I was able to return to hockey within six months, have full range of motion back and experienced a minimal amount of recovery pain.  I would highly recommend Dr. Khalfayan to anyone needing surgery; don’t delay, you’ll feel much better before you know it!"

-Tim H


"I had hurt my shoulder playing sports and due to the injury I was unable to perform any high level activity without feeling pain in my shoulder. I finally decided to have arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder and thanks to Dr. Khalfayan's expertise my shoulder is doing better than ever and I am able to resume all sporting activities. I can't thank Dr. Khalfayan and his staff enough! I am very grateful."

-Shoulder surgery patient